External walls

The factory of Econdo Production can prepare the elements of external walls for different façade: wooden panels (horizontal and vertical), clinker tiles, different façade panels, and thermal insulation panels. The internal side of the wall may be prepared for various decorative or wooden panels. As a standard, protection against rodents is installed in the elements of the ground floor. 

The structure of a typical ceiling element is as follows: 

-    Panel; 

-    Vertical/horizontal beams; 

-    Wind barrier; 

-    Plasterboard; 

-    Wooden beams; 

-    Thermal insulation, 200 mm; 

-    Vapour insulation (PVC film); 

-    Wooden beams; 

-    Thermal insulation, 50 mm; 

-    Plasterboard. 

Calculated heat transfer coefficient – 0.18 W (m2*K).