Technology and production


In 2008 JSC Econdo Production has received a funding up to 1 825 378 Lt for the investment project “Development of a Modern Technological Line for Production of Prefabricated Houses using the European Regional Development Fund Support” granted under the priority II: economic growth action program “Increase in Business Productivity and Improvement in Business Environment” measure “LEADER LT” within the framework of the European Union structural support to Lithuania 2007-2013.



In 2010, the company received a SINTEF Technical Approval, which ensures that the whole production process of the company is compliant with the strict requirements of SINTEF for consumption of materials and production quality assurance.

In the production process the company applies modern technology, which allows efficiently adapting the products to unique orders or designs without any additional costs.

The production process of Econdo Production is comprised of four stages: preparation of raw materials using Hundegger K2i machines, packaging and delivery to the customer. 


Preparation of raw material

Company is using raw materials from Lithuanian and Scandinavian suppliers. The wood used by the company is compliant with all strength and resistance standards applicable to classes C16 and C24 as specified in the design conditions.

The raw materials used by Econdo Production are also compliant with the SINTEF requirements of and are ECO friendly.

Raw materials are processed by Hundegger K2i machines, which prepare the wood for the production of the element desired by the customer precisely according to the dimensions specified in the design. 




According to the precise design drawings, the processed wood is assembled into the frame of the element, which is later on filled with thermal and other insulation materials. The finish panel of the façade is done last. More detailed information is available in the product section.

Econdo Production is producing from 1,700 to 2,100 sq. m. of different elements, weekly.




Produced elements are carefully packaged. Packaged elements do not lose their quality during transportation and storage and are protected against adverse weather conditions. 




The elements produced by Econdo production are usually (13.5 m in length and 2.9 m in height), therefore, safe transportation is necessary. Company cooperates with several Lithuanian logistics companies, which provide safe and reliable transportation.